Amateur Radio

Since April 1989 i'm a licensed ham. I started with a novice license (former german class C) and the callsign DG5SCQ. About two years later, i passed the test for the today's CEPT T/R 61-01 license (german class A) and got the callsign DL9SEC.

In the first years as a ham i worked a lot of stations mainly on 2m, 10m, 15m, 20m most of them in SSB and CW with the equipment of my father, silent key DK5SJ.

Since end of June 2017 i also own the amateur radio training callsign DN5GO.

I did a lot of homebrewing (antennas, receiver, transceiver..) over the years, some failed, the most successful.

My antennas: Chameleon V2L for short wave (80m..6m), Nagoya MAG-EL70-W for ultra-short wave (2m..70cm), Sirio SD 3000N broadband discone (300MHz..3000MHz) for reception experiments (and a lot of experimental and portable antennas from MHz to GHz).

My radio equipment: Yaseu FT-991 (100W/50W all band TRX), Yaesu FT-817 (5W mobile/portable all band TRX), Yaesu VX1-R (0.5W 2m/70cm portable TRX), Kenwood TH-78E (5W 2m/70cm portable TRX), MFJ-939 automatic antenna tuner, Emtech/QRPproject ZM-2 and ZM-4 QRP Z-Match antenna tuner (and a lot of other experimental radio stuff).

I am a founding member (and still member) of the german DARC chapter "Virtuelles Württemberg" P62 (a "virtual" chapter with no explicit location, no local services and with members from all over Germany) within the DARC district of "Württemberg" P.

  • My current QSL card
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