Search engines

British flag ALLDATASHEET Datasheets of electronic components
British flag Dial Electronics Ltd. Datasheets of electronic components (also obsolete parts)
British flag Datasheet Locator® Locate electronic component datasheets
British flag FTP file search engine


German flag Die aufzu Halbleiter-Ecke
British flag Discover Circuits A collection of electronic circuits
British flag A collection of electronic links
British flag The SMD Codebook Indentify a SMD component by its marking code


British flag Caltech PUFF V2.1 Computer Aided Design for Microwave Integrated Circuits
British flag Further information and addendum to PUFF
British flag Agilent AppCAD Home of the RF toolbox AppCAD (Freeware)
British flag Spread Spectrum Scene SSS e-zine S-parameter stuff
British flag RF Globalnet RF Marketplace and community with an interesting library

Amateur radio

German flag DG1SFJ Homepage meines Studien- und Diplomarbeitskollegen Jochen
British flag QTH locator Find your QTH locator (or your grid square) with GoogleMaps
German flag Paxon Packet Radio Terminal Programm (Freeware)
British flag MM Hamsoft (JE3HHT) MMANA, MMSSTV, MMTTY... (Freeware)
British flag W1GHZ The W1GHZ Online Microwave Antenna Book
German flag C3/C4/C5/Porty-Umbau für Amateurfunk

Gameboy Advance (technical, programming...)

British flag Ziegler Desaign (GBA) Informations around the GBA
British flag Informations around GBA software development
British flag Jeff Frohwein News & info related to GBA software & hardware development
British flag CowBite Virtual hardware specifications

CNC/3D-Print (hard- and software for hobbyists)

German/British flag item Ulm Supplier for appropriate slot nuts
British flag Repetier-Firmware An Arduino based firmware for 3D printers
British flag GRBL An Arduino based CNC milling controller


German flag LEO D<->E Wörterbuch Wörterbuch deutsch/englisch, englisch/deutsch
British flag Leo's Icon Archive Tons of great and free icons
British flag esp@cenet® The European Patent Office
German flag Landhaus Waldeshöhe Empfehlenswerte Unterkunft an der Murg im Schwarzwald