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DL9SEC @ GitHub

DL9SEC @ GitHub

My repositories at GitHub.
Find some 3D printable parts, an Arduino RF meter for a ZX47-55,
an Arduino P13 satellite prediction library, ...

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The DL9SEC WeBox

The DL9SEC WeBox (Retired)

A single chip web pc based on a BECK SC12.

The DL9SEC DDS-VFO with DRM receiver frontend


An AD9851 based shortwave DDS-VFO with a DRM receiver frontend.
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The DL9SEC Amateur Vector Analyzer

The DL9SEC Amateur Vector Network Analyzer (Retired)

Based upon my DDS-VFO and a simple antenna analyzer by IW3HEV I build this microcontrolled VNA.
The S-parameters S11 and S21 can be measured. The measurement results can be transfered via RS232
or USB (from which the VNA can be powered).

Smaller, better, cooler: edy555's NanoVNA and NanoRFE's NanoVNA v2

The SMD DL2TM programmer

DL2TM-Programmer for ATMEL µCs (SMD version) (Retired)

Based on the original programmer by DL2TM, I developed a SMD version with a few enhancements.
The programmer works for the AT89C2051 and AT89C4051 micros.

The DL9SEC GBA flashcart

The DL9SEC GBA flashcart

A homemade basic 128MBit flashcart (FLASH only!) for the Gameboy Advance.
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SkyTraq Venus 6 EVK/SDK

SkyTraq Venus 6 EVK/SDK

Some stuff around the SkyTraq Venus 6 EVK/SDK
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The SDCC Open Knowledge Resource (Retired)

Some stuff around the SDCC compiler