to the seventh and completely built-from-the-scratch version of my homepage. Since 2005 I hold my own domain and so I migrated from QSL.net to dl9sec.de including the SDCC Open Knowledge Resource (retired). I decided to write all the texts in english, so this page is more informative for more visitors than only the german speaking ones.

Some words about myself...
I live in southern germany, in a rural village the half way between Stuttgart and Ulm, called Gingen. The region here is famous for well known brands like Mercedes-Benz (Stuttgart), Märklin (Göppingen) or WMF (Geislingen).

My interests are versatile. As an engineer for communication systems (graduated as Dipl.-Ing. (FH) at the University of Applied Sciences Esslingen) and as a radio amateur I mainly spend a lot of time in RF and electronics development, programming microcontrollers and all the things around my home network and my websites. Maybe you read one of my articles (or its translation) in the magazin Funkamateur. In the issues 8•02/09•02 I published "µAnt51 - ein universelles und modulares Mikrocontroller-Board" ("µAnt51 - a universal and modular microcontroller-board") and in issue 1•04 "Doppelfilter-Adapter für den Yaesu FT-817" ("Dual-filter adaptor for the Yaesu FT-817"). In April 2004 I supported Burkhard Kainka (DK7JD) in his article "DREAM-Team" in the magazin Elektor with a piece of text, how to compile the sources of DReaM in a Windows environment.

Have a look at the Projects section to see more about all the electronics stuff. Other favourite hobbies are angling, especially fly-fishing and to ride my motorbike (a 88er BMW K75S).

If there are questions, don´t be afraid to ask (look at the Legal page for details how to contact me)...

vy 73, Signature TG DL9SEC

  • SE view of Gingen an der Fils
  • Some ham stuff
  • Rainbow trout and flyfishing rod
  • My BMW K75S (YOM 1988)